Friday, October 16, 2009

Come Early, Be Loud, Stay Late, Wear Orange...

This Friday is about more than a fabulous find...It's my favorite time of the year! Maybe that's ambitious....I do LOVE Christmas...but I love me some Texas/ou weekend! What other time of year can Texas and Oklahoma hash it out over the pigskin? Each team (let's be honest, it's really each state) feels superior and lives to take home the title from the Red River Rivalry.
The game means a lot. If you win, it's about pride, bragging rights, superiority, and most of the time a chance at the post season. Possibly even the National Championship. The Texas vs. ou game carries a lot of weight and gets a lot of national attention. This year is no exception with ou ranked #1 and Texas ranked #5 going into this weekend.

I'm looking forward to Texas bringing home the "W" and it looks like Miss Maggie is got hyped yesterday and let Maggie show her Longhorn pride! Hook'em!!

Texas FIGHT!

Jake wanted in on the action :) Oh, and the game day beer says "Oklahoma Suks" and can be found at HEB.

The game starts at 11:00am tomorrow, so remember...

"Come EARLY, be LOUD, stay LATE, wear ORANGE!" Amen.

*Originally posted 10/8/08

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