Monday, January 12, 2015

Ice Ice Baby...

One of the most fun things we did over the holidays was take a trip to the Gaylord Texan. We were going to Dallas for my Uncle's surprise 60th birthday, so we went a day early and made a little side trip to Grapevine. The kids saw Santa, we went to the ICE exhibit, they got to see the beautiful train village, see the gingerbread houses...there was just so much to see and do. We went with my parents and my Nana while Dave was on a hunting trip and I've already told him we need to plan for this for next year because they loved it so much!

The ice slide was a huge hit! They would have done it 10 times if we would have let them!

This might be my favorite picture ever! We were crying we were laughing so hard. This is sooo A Christmas Story. 

The exhibit was Frosty the Snowman, but at the very end was the most beautiful Nativity scene! It was huge and absolutely beautiful. Baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph, many animals, a stunning angel, the Wise brought tears to my eyes and I was overjoyed to see such a display at a huge public event. The true meaning of Christmas was on full display! Parker and Caroline loved it and got to see the "Bay-bee!"

Parker and Big Daddy loved watching the trains.

Santa was right below our room! We got to see the kids line up each night and we watched him take photo after photo and hear all of the wish lists of the little ones. P&C just pointed and said, "HO-HO-HO!!" over and over. Parker got to sit in The Big Guy's chair one morning before breakfast :)

And was their turn. Let the breakdown commence! Caroline was in full on panic. Parker was totally over it, and in the middle of Caroline's breakdown Santa said, "It's ok, she has to breathe sometime." #Motheroftheyear.

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melissa said...

Tiny babies in big, puffy coats - LOVE. What a fun adventure with the munchkins!