Monday, November 3, 2014

A Spooktacular Weekend...

Last weekend we had a great time with my family- carving pumpkins and willing fall to hit Texas. The kids are at such a fun age. They keep us laughing and they are just enjoyable.

 My brother and sister in law were in town from New Orleans, so we took the opportunity to celebrate Miss Maggie's 13th birthday. :) It's going to be crazy having a teenager around!

It's so nice to slow down, sit down, enjoy the outdoors. I love the weekends when Dave gets time to spend with the kids and with me. We all soak it in.

These two little pumpkins had a ball when we carved pumpkins! I can't say they share the same enthusiasm for family photos....

 Baby Harry is coming in the next few weeks! We are all SO excited! P&C kept talking about the "bay-BE" and pointing to Kristen's tummy. I can't wait to see the three of them together.

Big Daddy and Zsa Zsa, thanks for opening your home and being such great hostesses. Another great time filed in the memory bank. XOXO

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