Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day Works of Art...

We decided to go homemade this year. Homemade is absolutely my favorite type of gift and I figured the grandmothers would agree. These two deedles had an absolute ball painting pots for their Zsa Zsa, YaYa and Nana. I had a crazy time trying to take a few photos so they would know they were actually done by the little people (and it was adorable), keep them from eating the paint, and attempt to keep the process as neat as possible. By the end of painting, bath time and clean-up I was a hot mess but it was so worth it!! I only wish I had made one for myself! Next time I'll definitely factor that in.

I just got clay pots at Lowe's, painted them white, chose 4 colors and let them have at it. Because I was by myself I did limit it to one child and one color at a time. They still put things in their mouth (as you will see by a few dots of paint on the lips) and this was not edible paint, so I needed to control the chaos. Ha!

I just gave them a brush, held the pot, and turned it while they waved the brush around. They had so much fun!

I absolutely love the finished products and I think their grandmothers and great grandmother did too! Precious, one of a kind, works of art!

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