Thursday, March 14, 2013

"Life is What Happens When You're Busy Making Other Plans..." ~ John Lennon

We have been busy-busy attempting to prepare for these two wee-ones to make their big debut. I've been reading blog posts on what to pack in my hospital bag and theirs, it dawned on me I should order baby books, and I was (thankfully) "reminded" that we need a pediatrician. Oh, and their nursery isn't remotely close to done. This wouldn't normally be an issue at 32 weeks but my doctor likes to remind me that twins tend to come whenever they're good and ready. Which, statistically, could be any ol' day. I like to think mine are slow cookin' and I've still got some time. Eeek!!

I'm doing my best to be as prepared as one can be, but like John Lennon once said, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans!" Here is a little bit of our life lately...

I turned 32. Mom and I decided a trip to the spa for a completely gratuitous pedicure was in order. It was one of those spoiling moments when you realize just how much you're spending for a pedicure but you don't care because it's more luxurious than going to a place called "Great Nail". Anytime you can get a pedicure, in a robe, while drinking citrus water out of wine glasses, while eating dark chocolate covered pomegranates  and leave with your very own "vegan" polish because they open a new bottle each time, you can consider that a win. You can also expect to see me back at "Great Nail" for my next treat. :)

Rookie had a sleepover. Mom and dad skipped town so we dog-sat. It's nice to know his friends feel right at home! 

I have ZERO trouble finding darling clothes for Caroline and I always feel so guilty because I am never as tempted to buy-buy-buy for Parker. And then there were these...are you kidding me with this cuteness? It's a given that he will need these. 

Our weekend was full of surprises. Not the least of which was finding out we have to get a new car. We did our "trial run" with the car seats only to find out my seat had to be pushed up so far that my stomach was touching the steering wheel. My feet were so close to the pedals it wasn't safe to drive. Not great news for team Mendenhall. Put it on our tab...

In other news, my co-workers threw me a very sweet baby shower. These cute kisses were on the table. It still hits me at random times that I'm having 2 children. Mind = blown!

I always have my trusty helper when I'm working in the nursery. He tends to get his paws on some of P&C's stuffed animals. He loves to play fetch- it's pretty much our nightly ritual, so the babies' toys throw him off. He doesn't understand why he doesn't get them. I like to think he's saying, "Who in the world are these Parker and Caroline people? Why are we making such a fuss over them? And why do I get the feeling that my world is about to be rocked?" I think he's going to be a great (and pouty) big brother :)

Keeping with the baby theme...we've decided our house in like Noah's Ark. 2 by 2! 
It's absolutely hysterical and it's also completely humbling. The generosity of our friends and family in helping us prepare for P&C has been overwhelming and such a blessing!

And here's the belly as of today- 32 weeks. I officially cannot see my toes, tying my shoes is about to be a task for Dave, painting my toenails is officially the duty of "Great Nail", I walk upstairs and I sound like I just crossed the finish line of a sprint, I need someone or something to brace to get myself off the floor, and you don't even want to know the state of my ankles. Or lack thereof. It's like nothing you've ever seen before. But in all, I'm still feeling well! 

These 2 beautiful babies are still growing and doing their thing on the inside so I am thankful beyond measure. After all, Mama's got plenty of days to see her ankles! These ultrasound pics were taken 2 weeks ago at our 30 wk ultrasound (Parker-L and Caroline- R) and we get to see them again this afternoon! 

Life is good! XOXO


KatiePerk said...

I feel like your pregnancy is whizzing by!! I mean 32 weeks! Good job Mama!! I think your looking fab. That pedi sounds amazing and I am in love with your nursery!! So sweet!!

Brandi said...

I can't believe you are already 32 weeks!! And you look fab, your belly is so cute and little!! I was a house with just one baby in my belly!!!! So excited for you!!!

Liz said...

I was JUST going to text you today and ask when the next ultrasound would be! YAY!

Sara said...

They are perfect and beautiful! This post makes me so excited for you! All the baby gear and the bump and the doggie sleepover. Seriously.

Ashley said...

You look great! I can't believe you are already 32 weeks!

Unknown said...

I laughed out loud at Great Nail each and every time. Makes me want to go watch Anjeelah (or however she spells it) Johnson.

Lauren said...

you look AMAZING for 32 weeks! I feel like I looked SO much bigger than you did and I was only carrying 1 baby!

and i love the picture of their certainly is like Noah's Ark, baby gear style!

Emily said...

I know I looked bigger than that at 32 weeks!

Enjoy this fun time! Those babies look great, and before you know it, you're going to be kissing their sweet faces!

Lisa said...

32 weeks already, wow!! Good luck and hope you are still feeling well, can't believe they will be here so soon!!
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