Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Now Join Your Hands, and With Your Hands Your Hearts ~ Romeo and Juliet

I love weddings. I'm going Velveeta here for a second...hang with me...I love watching a radiant bride walk down the aisle in great anticipation and ecstatic joy as she first sees the one her heart loves. I love watching the groom as he first lays eyes on his beautiful bride in a dress she chose just for him. Her, walking down the aisle on her father's arm only to leave his arms and fall into another. (I told you it was going to be cheesy, but it's so true!)

As a guest I sit there watching it all unfold and then I find so much joy hearing the vows while holding hands with my husband whom I shared those same vows with 5.5 years ago. It's a kind of renewing of our vows every time we get to sit through another ceremony in the presence of God. I just love it. And after the ceremony is over, the vows are said, the rings are exchange and the sometimes awkward but always magical kiss is had....It's time for cake! And dancing, and more cake, and toasts followed by more dancing.

This weekend we had the privilege of participating in all of the aforementioned festivities as we celebrated Megan and Adam. Megan is my sister, Kristen's best friend. They were best buddies growing up, they have been through thick and thin, New York to Dallas, and they have been roommates...close as sisters for the last 3 years. They have been witness as each found their love and have now gotten married.

Zsa Zsa and Big Daddy cuttin' a rug!
It was a wonderful celebration and could not have been more fun! On behalf of our entire family...
Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Portacci! We love you very much.

*Because I'm a moron, my camera battery was dead! Sadly, I only had my phone to take photos with. Everything was even more beautiful than these photos give credit for.


megan said...

I love the velveeta cheesyness of this post! Got goosebumps reading it and I feel the same way you do about weddings and love! :)

Pink Lace and Cupcakes said...

Looovee weddings:) That blue looks fantastic on you!!

Katie Norwood said...

Aw, is that Highland Park Methodist? It's been a while since I walked down that aisle! Looks like you had a blast.

Lauren said...

what a beautiful wedding! and as usual, you look so fabulous! love the pictures of you, your sis, & your momma!

Jax said...

Loving that gorgeous color on you, girl! And I adore your description of the wedding at the top of this post. I feel the same way. There is definitely something magical about it.. just so much raw emotion and happiness. It's like a front seat to something heavenly.