Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Hump Day Friends...

My days have been filled with:

Happy hour and a pizza party (in room 355....)
Welcoming and watering Papa's loot! (LOVE this plant and balloon Coleen sent :)
Teaching Nana and Papa all about Facetime! Papa told Kristen, "Well, you look GREAT! I can see you clear as day!" hehe.
Trying a couple of new recipes. 1 was not so good and 1 was really good! The lasagna soup I found on Pinterest is a winner!
Crying...I've been doing a bit of that and I have to pull myself together. I just can't seem to "snap out of it" in terms of my funk. I have no more time or patience to feel sorry for myself! I thought I was done after my good cry on Monday but a doctor's appointment today brought me back down. Onward....and UPWARD!
In GOOD NEWS...Papa is going HOME today!! Praise the Lord! That should take away the sulking and bring on the celebration!!


All Things Yummy said...

So glad to hear he gets to go home. God is good.

Sara said...

So glad to hear your Papa is going home and feeling better. Sending lots of love and prayers to you and your family.

ANH Style said...

Hang in there, T-Rog. :)

I'm praying for your family!

Chic Runner said...

So thankful he is feeling better and is on the mend! Glad you got to share time with him even though it was in the hospital. :( Thinking of your entire family <3