Friday, July 29, 2011

"Til Foxtrots and Final Roses Do Us Part...

Marriage is full of compromise.

"What do you want for dinner?"
"I was kind of wanting Mexican food."
"Oh, I had Mexican food for lunch....could we ever do burgers?"
"Yeah, I can do a burger."


"I've been dying to see Bridesmaids! It looks hysterical!"
"You know, that sounds like a perfect girls' night in the making! Why don't you and your girlfriends go have a fun night together and see that?"
"Done and Done!"

You see? Compromise!

Before we got married we went through a 12 week pre-marital counseling class through our church. It was absolutely wonderful. We had topics like dealing with conflict, in-laws, finances, family (having children/not having children, how many, how we wanted to raise them, etc), "sex-pectations", communication, etc. It was really nice to sit there with couples who had been married 20+ years and talk realistically about things that would inevitably come up in our marriage. But they forgot one topic....Reality TV and Remote Control. And by remote control, I actually mean who controls the remote. The answer during prime time obviously ME, no?

We got married before I was introduced to So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, so I'll give him that. He was blindsided. But the Bachelor/Bachelorette? Come on now. This is nothing new. I've been sucked in since Andrew Firestone. I've even hung in there through Prince Lorenzo Borghese, whiny-boy-Jake and Brad Womack....twice. So it's safe to say that my Monday's are a lock.

For the record, my compromise is Swamp People marathons! You need subtitles to understand what they are saying for sobbing out loud...I'd say we're even.

Don't even get me started on sports. In his defense, I'm a huge sports fan too, so I don't mind endless football Saturdays. In fact, I do that with or without him around. But golf...6 hours of golf on a Sunday...I'd rather go to the dentist. That's 3 weeks of the Bachelorette rolled into one afternoon!

+1 Point: Tiffany

So you see, marriage is full of compromise. You win some, you lose some. But a very wise poster that hung on the side of my 7th grade science teacher's desk once said, "Stand for something or you'll fall for anything!" So I stand for Monday nights with Chris Harrison and Wednesday nights with Cat Deeley. :) (And certain times of the year, Tuesday nights with Bob and sue me!)

*This was Melanie and Neil's contemporary piece from Wednesday night and it.was.amazing. When she literally FLEW at him in the end...chills.


Lauren said...

hahaha I love this! and it's so should seriously make us always on top as far as the rest of the week goes! It's great napping material for me!

Chelsea said...

Haha, love this post! Sounds like you guys have it figured out pretty much! Oh, and I'd have to agree with Melanie and Neil's piece. I was not expecting that flying jump through the air. Total chills!!!

Liz said...

WHOA! You aren't kidding. Total chills. Did she do hip hop on Wednesday?! I don't think we've seen her do it yet and I'm dying for that!

melissa said...

Too funny! We are big TV fans in our house too so compromise is key. Luckily, our DVR saves us on most nights and we can both record whatever program it is we are interested in. But, some nights get busy and between the programs we watch together, the shows I watch and the shows he watches, we can't record it all. These are the nights I want to throw the DVR out the window and insist we both read a book! But we figure it out. :) You're right - it's a very crucial area of marital compromise!

And Melanie and Neil's dance was amazing. In what I feel has been a pretty boring season, she has been the high point for me. She is incredible. I also really like Ryan, but they voted her off early. Other than those two, I haven't even taken the time to learn most of their names. And I miss Mia and Adam Schankman. They brought the bitchyness to the judging panel. I miss that! :)

Suburban Princess said...

The easiest solution is two tvs. I have one in the bedroom for times when I dont feel like watching yet another stupid movie with hubby. It also gives him a break from the reality shows :O)

Stephanie said...

My husband LOVES Swamp People. The first time I saw him watching it I was like "what in the world is this?". I've watched it with him a few times now and Troy is my favorite. :)

Shelley Lenay said...

I too control the remote...and you and I have all of the same reality indulgences! Bachelor/Bachelorette obviously being one of the originals (I too have not given up on a single season!). Who says the remote is for men?!

Danielle said...

Thanks for visiting me! You are so right, marriage is all about give and take. Some things are just more apparent than others (:

catherine said...

haha, this is so true.
my husband has given up several of his favorites for mine.

he watches the swamp people show, maybe i will join him next time. :)

Sara L. said...

This video is amazing! I love when they do the contemporary pieces.

kherington and twitch were one of my all time favorties.

Jess said...

Compromise: I get to watch all reality shows and you get dinner cooked for you. :)

And loved this dance on Wednesday. New fav.