Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mom, Mom, Mom, Mummy, Mummy, Lois....

Better late than never, right? I have not been the most consistent blogger lately. I'm not sure to what I owe the pleasure of blame but I'm sure it lies somewhere.

I let mother's day come and go without a mention on my blog and now I feel compelled to rectify that. If any mothers deserve a blog post dedicated solely to them it is the mothers that have the greatest impact on my life.

And why make the statute of limitations to just Mother's day? Without further ado...many thanks to the best of the best...

Mom, You're beautiful both inside and out. I do know how lucky I am to be yours.

Thank you for...

~ Loving me unconditionally. Even when I (at 26 no less) spilled nail polish remover on your (brand new) coffee table and it took all of the varnish off. I guess dad was right- "Kids are a money pit!"
~ Bringing my BLOOMERS to school my junior year of high school so I didn't have to show my entire high school my "goodies". Who forgets the most important part of their cheerleading uniform?
~ Your prayers. You are a true prayer warrior. You have always taught me the power of prayer and I can't underestimate the power of your prayers in my life. There is no telling what blessings I have received that I owe credit solely to your prayers for me.
~ Singing me show tunes, oldies, Elton John, Creedance Clearwater Revival and anything else that tickled your fancy. You are the best entertainment I can think of!
~ Telling me how much you and dad love me, but making sure I know that Jesus somehow loves me more.
~ Teaching me that the best meals need only 3 ingredients. Cheese, tortilla chips and Diet Coke.
~ Letting me eat M&Ms for breakfast.
~ Coming in to wake me up for school and then declaring it "skip day"! Those were the best days of my life. Not going to school, spending the day in my PJs with you, watching movies, ordering pizza....I pray I can do that with my kids someday.
~ Teaching me respect for authority. I was always more scared of the trouble I would get into when I got home than any punishment I could receive based on my offenses. Respect adults, respect authority, respect the rules.
~ Teaching me WHO I am and WHOSE I am.
~ Writing me sweet notes and journals giving me words of wisdom, quotes, encouragement, and little glimpses into your thoughts and prayers for me, Taylor and Kristen.
~ Always attending every.single.event from gymnastic meets to cheerleading competitions, football games, pep-rallies (in case I forgot my bloomers...), church plays, softball games. It didn't matter that you had 3 kids in 15 activities each. We always knew our biggest fan would be there.
~ Teaching me to be kind to animals. True love for the defenseless, the dependant and those that love us even when we're unlovable is something I see in you.

I love you, crazy!

Nana, where do you think mom learned to be such a good mother?

Thank you for...

~ Always coming to "grandparents' Day" at school. You were the HOTTEST Nana there! I was always so proud to have you sitting by me eating some terrible hot-pocket concoction.
~ Tea parties on the bottom of the pool. At this age, I can totally see what a pain it was for you to get your hair wet in the name of tea and crumpets in the shallow end! But those tea parties were the best.
~ Cantaloupe and a handful of Frito's after a long day of swimming
~ Schooling me at "Go Fish" and slap jack. I didn't know what a card shark you were!
~ Always coming to my defense when my parents got on to me in front of you. You always said, "Don't get on to her!" Even though I'm sure I always deserved to be "gotten on to"
~ Taking me with you to the beauty shop on Saturdays. When Joyce would let me do the paraffin wax I thought I was a Hollywood glam girl!! You taught me that a woman always needs to look her best! You have always been so beautiful!
~ Sitting out in the front yard singing "I see the moon" and looking at the stars. Just enjoying beautiful Texas nights and the opportunity to spend time together.
~ Teaching me the value of a Macy's coupon :)
~ Loving mom so deeply and showing us the precious relationship of a mother and daughter.

You are so precious to me my Teeny, Tiny Nana!

Claudia, I am so, so lucky to have you for a Mother-in-law. I fell in love with your son and you, Mark and Kate are sweet icing on the top! I would have never dreamed I would be so blessed.

Thank you for...

~ Sharing your chocolate chip cookie recipe right out of the gate! Very first Christmas and BAM! It is my all-time favorite cookie recipe.
~ Opening me up to the world of recycling, Farmer's Market-ing, reusable bagging, and... I'll stop there. Because we both know I won't be composting anytime soon. :)
~ Loving me and accepting me into your family.
~ Teaching me the excitement of a children's book. Your passion for children learning to love reading is wonderful. I look forward to you reading to grand kids and telling them all about Olivia, David and all of the other fun and fabulous characters they need to know!
~ Being my partner in crime when it comes to ordering dessert! The guys don't know what they're missing!
~ Your generosity. Not only to "us" but also just to me. You've truly accepted me right into your family and you treat me like one of your own.
~ Your prayers. We know you pray for us, love us and want only the best for us.

I love you all and thank you for molding me teaching me. If I am 1/2 the woman each of you are I'll be doing pretty well!


Sara said...

Awww, what a sweet sweet wonderful post! I love your moms just from reading this! Seriously, your mom sounds awesome...think she'd adopt me?

Liz said...

1. The title of this blog is the greatest one you've EVER written.
2. My mom says the EXACT same thing "remember who and whose you are." haha.
3. I was laying in bed last night thinking "I wonder how you get your kids out of school when you do a skip day like T-Rog and V-Rog did." I kid you not. Do you lie? Do you send a note? I need answers.

Jamie said...

LOVE the Family Guy quote :)

Sounds like you have some pretty great ladies in your life!

Chopsticks and Pearls said...

Sweet sweet post! Love the new layout!

Vicki said...

First and most important...thank you for your sweet words. It's always a good thing when your children remember fun things about their childhood.
Second, love the blog design...that must have set you back a pair of shoes :)
Third, why don't Claudia and Teenie have monkeys on their heads??? You chose monkeys for my pic, ballroom dancing for Claudia and sunset on the lake with Teenie.
Ann Landers for The Loj:
Me: Hi, this is Vicki. Tiffany won't be able to make it to school today.
School: Aww, I'm she sick?
Me: Oh girl.
School: Well tell her we hope she gets to feeling better and we'll see her soon.
Me: Thank you

This my friend is not a lie. I simply said...oh girl.
You're welcome Charlie :)

katie newton said...

Hahaaaa!! Sorry, I am dying from your moms comments above.. :)

LOVE THIS POST!!! I wish I could have stolen some of your lines for my mom's m-day card... it was so lame compared to this!!! :)

love you friend!!

melissa said...

So sweet! What would we do without our moms? Yours sounds absolutely wonderful! Now I know where you get it! :)

TV's Take said...

I love the skip day and laying in bed all day things you did with your Mom.

Natalie said...

Looks like you have some great women in your life! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog...I'm your newest follower!

Jamie Pickle said...

You have a beautiful family!

Whit said...

The women in your life sound so amazing and fun! :)

Thanks for the comment on my blog! If I get desperate, I'm definitely hitting you up for some delicious enchiladas!

Laura said...

Do I spy a RL Turner letter jacket???? Haha!!