Friday, September 3, 2010

Fabulous Find Friday!

Friends, fans, football fanatics....the time has come. September is upon us, college football kicked off last night, we're getting a "cool snap" here in Texas and our highs for the week are only in the mid 90's, and the words on everyone's lips have to do with football. Fantasy football drafts are happening nightly, trash is being talked on facebook, twitter and face to face and houses are currently dividing where alliances are split. My house is one of them. It's our cross to bear.

Ahh...the days of fall. Bring.It.On. When I was in high school I loved Friday game days. The football players would have on their jerseys, the cheerleaders would have on their outfits, we made locker signs for all of the players, pep rallies, lunch down at the field house provided by the players and cheerleaders moms, and basically nothing got done on Friday's because all anyone could think about was our Friday night opponent and the fun we would have. Texas High School football started last week and 2 local teams played in front of 31 thousand fans. I think I heard someone say, "Clear eyes, full hearts..."

Everyone is kind of "born" into a team. This is what we would call "nurture", and I was "nurtured" by screaming Longhorn fans who got hyped during football season and take the game very seriously. My grandad didn't even see the end of the Big 12 Championship last year because when he gets really mad he just turns the TV off. Days have been ruined over football scores and weddings have been planned around game days. Little ones learn at a young age to "Hook'em Horns!" or to "Get their guns up!" (why would they want to??) or to "Sic'Em Bears" or "Gig'Em Aggies!" Y'all know my kids will be super messed up. I'll be teaching them to "Hook'Em Horns" while wearing my Aggie Ring and Dave will be bribing them with candy to "Get their guns up".

Good thing I get to dress them! :) Here are some really, really cute things for our mini-fans on game day! Most of these sites can make things in your team colors. Why that would be anything but burnt orange and white I'll never know!

This Etsy seller, The Happy Cow Company, has darling tutus and onesies! Perfect for your little fan. There are few things cuter to me than little girls in tutus!

These next items are found at the Kids are Fans Too! website. You can search by team. They have everything from bibs to smocked dresses. I am just in love with the items below!
And finally, Ragsland has some darling outfits in general, but their game day selection is really cute! You can find items in your school colors and have them monogrammed. Too cute!

Happy football season friends! I hope you have a wonderful 3 day weekend and enjoy watching your teams play! I wish you all luck...unless of course you're playing the Longhorns. In which case I hope you lose, but look on the bright side... you're kids will be dressed DARLING! :)


Mateya said...

Oh gosh those are sooo cute! :)

arg said...

So precious! Thanks for tracking all of these down!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, this post is killing me!! My ovaries cannot stand this much adorableness! I cannot wait to dress my future babies in little Mizzou Tiger cheerleader outfits and football jerseys! So cute!

porter hovey said...

I agree! TOO CUTE!! Just adorable.